First appearance (2.09 "Out of Their Minds")
Last appearance (2.09 "Out of Their Minds")
Gender Female
Species Halosian
Vehicle of Choice Halosian vessel
Portrayed by Dominique Sweeney, Voiced of Angie Milliken


Yoz was a female Halosian and subordinate crew member to Tak aboard the vessel Halos-1. As such, she participated in Halos-1 's attack and defeat by Talyn and later the attack on Moya. In spite of the power of Halos-1's primary weapon, Yoz and Tak were unable to destroy the Leviathan due to her salvaged defense screen from the legendary Zelbinion. As Tak devised numerous ways to destroy Moya, Yoz was given the opportunity to talk with their prisoner Zhaan, who had boarded Halos-1 in an attempt to devise a peaceful solution. This allowed Zhaan to learn about one aspect of Halosian culture, the Code, one part of which stated that a Halosian was to destroy as many hostile targets as possible in order to "evolve". Using this, Zhaan convinced Yoz to betray her Lord since he had failed to destroy Moya after several attempts. Yoz attacked Tak, killing him, and took control of Halos-1. Rather than accepting Zhaan's peaceful offer, however, Yoz attempted to evolve herself, setting Halos-1 on a collision course with Moya. Fortunately, Zhaan was able to break out of the chain holding her by ripping her hand through at great pain to herself. She knocked Yoz out and diverted Halos-1. Yoz's fate afterward is unknown, though it's likely that Moya left the area before she could wake.


  • We worry... about nothing... except ourselves.
  • Tak was fool! I... will evolve!



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