First appearance (1.06 "Thank God It's Friday... Again)
Last appearance (1.06 "Thank God It's Friday... Again)
Nickname(s) Snow White
Species Sykaran
Weapon of Choice Tannot root
Portrayed by Angie Milliken

Volmae was a female Sykaran and the leader of her people. She differed in appearance and mannerisms from other Sykarans in that she was an albino and spoke in a slow, halted manner. Though she led her people, her planet Sykar was under Peacekeeper control, who were using it for the sole purpose of harvesting tannot root, a plant that they claimed they used as food but in fact utilized it as an ingredient in their weapons development. Although the plant was slowly destroying Sykar, the Peacekeepers ordered Volmae to have her people consume it, the side effects of which created a blissful and oblivious mindset, allowing the Sykarans to be easily controlled.

With the arrival of Moya to Sykar, Volmae saw an opportunity. Knowing that the tannot root had high value to the Peacekeepers and likely others, Volmae hoped to coax the crew to the planet, load Moya with the root, and escape the planet with her. Fortunately, one of Moya's crew members, John Crichton, was kidnapped by the Sykaran resistance movement against Volmae and forcefully given a worm that negated the effects of the root. Free of the root's influence, Crichton and crewmates Aeryn Sun and Rygel were able to discover and expose the purpose of the root. Now aware that the tannot root was used to create weaponry, Volmae agreed with her people that they would oppose the Peacekeepers "one day at a time." First, however, she declared the following day "a rest day. A real rest day."


  • It is... a pleasure... to welcome you... to Sykar. I am our leader... as much as anyone is our leader.
  • (To John): Aah! Handsome! Very handsome indeed!
  • What's it like... out there? I hear space is very cold. Black. And cold. My people... never aspired... to travel the heavens. This planet is our... home. Was... our home. I suppose... a starship... can be, a home.
  • (About the tannot root): So. What do they do... with all of this? If... it has value to them... it must... have value elsewhere.
  • Food. Weapons. It doesn't matter. Our planet is already dying.
  • There is nothing we can do. The Peacekeepers... they are in control of me. They are in control of you.
  • Tomorrow is... a rest day. A real rest day.


  • Angie Milliken, the actress who portrayed Volmae, was responsible for all of her mannerisms in an effort to make her more alien and exotic.


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