Vija 01
Vija has his own trickful sleeve.
First appearance (2.07 "Home on the Remains")
Last appearance (2.07 "Home on the Remains")
Gender Male
Species Sebacean
Portrayed by Rob Carlton


Vija was a Deemo player who worked at the Budong mining colony. Rather than mining for crystals, Rygel attempted to win money by beating Vija at Deemo, even though the Hynerian had no money with which to play. Though both cheated at the game, Vija proved to be the better cheater. When he learned that Rygel had never had the money he claimed to have, Vija forced him to go into the mines, to get the crystals he was owed.


(To Rygel): You little green ass, stinking, horny little bastard, I’m gonna kill you!



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