Noranti 01

Noranti, an Utu

An Utu is a Traskan title referring to a healer who has reached a high level of expertise. They are trained in the usage of herbs, powders, potions, and distillates; they must learn how to use all of the parts of all plants and animals they may come across in order to cure their patients.

Because an Utu uses natural medicines as their form of healing, they sometimes have to become creative in order to be helpful. Noranti Pralatong, the only Utu encountered by the crew of Moya, often used roundabout – and sometimes painful – methods in her practice, such as awakening a dormant virus within Rygel in order to cure him of it and giving John Crichton distillate of lakah in order to help him protect Aeryn Sun from Scorpius.

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