Litigaran Judge
Nice hat
First appearance "Dream a Little Dream"
Last appearance "Dream a Little Dream"
Gender Female
Species Litigaran
Affiliation Litigaran government
Portrayed by Sandy Gore

This Litigaran judge presided over Zhaan's case when she was accused of murder. She worked in a fair and objective manner, tolerating the rather unorthodox methods of Zhaan's counselors, Chiana and Rygel. After Chiana and Rygel were able to fake the Litigaran Light of Truth with the help of Moya, the judge pronounced Zhaan as not guilty.


  • We convene in the name of that which is most Holy - The Supreme Law Of The Land.
  • Do you vow to speak what is true, all that is true, and only what is true, by the Sacred Axiom?
  • I warn you - do not mock our law.


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