First appearance (4.20 "We're So Screwed - Hot to Katratzi")
Last appearance (4.21 "We're So Screwed - La Bomba")
Gender Male
Species Charrid
Affiliation Scarran Empire
Age Deceased
Weapon of Choice Charrid Pulse rifle
Portrayed by John Schwarz


Tugar is a Charrid officer of the Scarran Empire, he is one of his leaders if not the leader of his Charrid forces. He is seen as a quite obnoxious creature who isn't the best at leading his forces, he makes quite a few mistakes that other military leaders would be well prepared for, however the Charrid are a strong race of warriors and should not be trifled with while Tugar may not be the best leader for his groups, his army is numerous and he can afford the loss of the odd soldier. Tugar may he climbed the ranks by outmatching his comrades proving he is the strongest or most vicious warrior in combat, the Charrid are well known as powerful creatures, able to withstand great amounts of pain, they are skilled ranged fighters and formidable when in close combat, Tugar, enjoys smoking and is light hearted, able to take a joke quite well, however he does not find it humorous for his species to be mocked, He is quite content to share his things, and is even known to happily drink with other warrior species, such as a Luxan. While Tugar isn't the most tactical of fighters he makes up for it with brute strength and the mass of his armies. His weapon of choice is a Charrid Pulse rifle for which he is quite an accurate shot.




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