Corporal Tromm
First appearance "Fire and Ice"
Last appearance "Grim Intimations"
Gender Male
Species Grennij
Affiliation Kkore
Age Deceased
Vehicle of Choice Grennij command ship
Weapon of Choice Knife

Corporal Tromm was a junior officer in one of the Kkore's invasion fleets under the command of Captain Grrior. As a soldier with at least some authority, Tromm reveled in loudly ordering his fellow soldiers around, posturing that allowed a secretly observing Scorpius to conclude he was not the officer in charge. Later, after Scorpius had captured Grrior, he had the captain summon his men including Tromm specifically. Scorpius instructed Tromm to enter the cave where he was holding Grrior. When Tromm moved to Grrior to check on him, Scorpius trapped both inside of an impenetrable dome that he had used to capture Grrior in the first place. He explained that he had realized Tromm was hoping to replace Grrior in command and was giving him the chance. Though Grrior believed all his soldiers were loyal, Tromm proved that Scorpius' suspicion was correct and attacked his captain. Though Grrior insisted that the other soldiers would never follow Tromm regardless, the corporal persisted until Scorpius lowered the dome and stabbed Tromm in the back, saving Grrior's life and sacrificing Tromm to prove his own loyalty.




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