Temmon won't be giving Chiana any help
First appearance (2.07 "Home on the Remains")
Last appearance (2.07 "Home on the Remains")
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Affiliation Rogue
Age Deceased
Portrayed by Hunter Perske


Temmon was an old friend and lover of Chiana's and the brother of B'Sogg. He lived and worked at a Budong mine where Chiana and Nerri had stayed for a while. Both Temmon and B'Sogg took a liking to Chiana, but Chi chose to be with Temmon, a decision that bothered B'Sogg.

Cycles later, Chiana returned to the mine with Moya, seeking help and much needed food. When she and her crew mates arrived at the mind, however, they discovered that Teemon was fatally injured. He had accidentally come into contact with the Budong's internal fluid while fleeing a vicious creature known as a Keedva. Knowing that he was near death and hoping to spare him further pain, Chiana euthanized her former lover.


  • (Final Words): Chiana... Don't let me suffer like this. Go get B'Sogg.


Appearances Edit

(2.07 "Home on the Remains")

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