Tarr got a little too much sun.
First appearance (2.08 "Dream a Little Dream")
Last appearance (2.08 "Dream a Little Dream")
Gender Male
Species Litigaran
Portrayed by Peter Kowitz


Tarr was a Litigaran police officer who had been on the force for around eight or nine cycles when Moya visited the planet. Before then, he was a security guard at Ja Rhumann's law firm Rhumann, Willian, and Mandell.

When Zotoh Zhaan attempted an escape from jail and encountered the body of Utilities' rights activist Wesley Kenn, Tarr was the officer to discovered her and thus became one of the key witnesses in her case. Chiana and Rygel would later note that Tarr had been out on a Litigaran night with its dual moons out, in spite of the fact that blue-eyed Litigarans such as Tarr often suffered bad burns from the dual moons. Chiana was able to bring up some doubts in the case when she brought this fact up as well as his connection to Rhumann's firm.



  • The full scene of Chiana's cross-examination of Tarr would reveal that Wesley Kenn was also blue-eyed, yet did not get the same moon burns as Tarr on the night in question. This therefore suggested Kenn was either killed elsewhere and moved, or that he was killed there before the moons were out. In either case it would have cast significant doubt on Zhaan's guilt. The scene was cut down for the original broadcast as "Dream a Little Dream," with only Tarr's condition being noted.


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