Scarran Stryker
Production information

Scarran Empire


Scarran Stryker


Heavy Fighter

Technical specifications
Hyperdrive rating

Unknown; Faster than a Scarran Dreadnought and Leviathan's normal starburst


Energy Based Pulse Cannons

Year introduced

4.22 "Bad Timing"




Scarran Empire


The Scarran Stryker is a small fighter-like starship in the Scarran fleet. It is one of the Scarran Empire's fastest vessels, able to make protracted jumps over long distances. The Leviathan Moya's starburst is unable match the Stryker's speed.

The Stryker is well armed, able to cripple a Leviathan with only a handful of shots.

Moya encounters a Stryker commanded by Pennoch during John Crichton's attempt to collapse the wormhole leading to Earth. After crippling Moya, Pennoch takes the Stryker in, planning to subdue the planet as the advance force for a Scarran invasion. When the ship enters, however, Crichton and his crewmates have already used one of Moya's transport pods to collapse the wormhole. Unable to turn the ship around in time, the Stryker is consumed by the imploding wormhole.

A number of Strykers are later seen in battle during the Peacekeeper/Scarran War.

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