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Shreena does what she's told
First appearance (3.03 "Self-Inflicted Wounds - Could'a, Would'a, Should'a")
Last appearance (3.04 "Self-Inflicted Wounds - Wait for the Wheel")
Gender Female
Species Pathfinder
Vehicle of Choice Pathfinder vessel
Weapon of Choice Sabotage
Portrayed by Kerith Atkinson

Shreena was a blue female Pathfinder. She was tasked with helping Neeyala collect wormhole research which her people found incredibly valuable, so valuable that they held family members of research teams captive to ensure that those who have the privilege of working on wormhole research would return with the information. Sheena was afraid to die, but decided to go ahead with the sabotage of Moya as Neeyala instructed. Neeyala told her that she would tell her family she made this sacrifice for them possibly in an effort to comfort and persuade Shreena to cooperate with their plan of making Moya's crew choose to abandon Moya and save the Pathfinder vessel and its research instead.




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