Skin colorGreen, brown
First Appearance"Back and Back and Back to the Future"
DistinctionsSpiked protrusions on top of head

Scorvians were a roughly Sebaceanoid species who appeared to have reptilian features. According to Ilanic reports, three cycles before Moya's escape from Peacekeeper control, the Scorvians slaughtered two million Ilanic civilians in a completely unprovoked attack on an outlying colony. Thus began a war with massive casualties and no end in sight. As enemies to the Ilanics, Scorvians were also enemies of the Luxans, blood allies to the Ilanics for a millennium. Scorvians could alter themselves to appear Ilanic, probably through genetic surgery. This was seen when one Scorvian appeared Ilanic named Matala and tried to steal a prototype singularity weapon of Ilanic design. The altered Scorvians were used for espionage and sabotage missions against the Ilanics. Scorvians had a species-specific attack in hand-to-hand combat called the neural strike.

Many cycles before their war with the Ilanics, the Scorvians attacked a number of Luxan border worlds without provocation, prompting a response from the Luxan military. This was Ka D'Argo's second battle campaign.