Dominar Rygel I
Rygel I
The painting which Rygel likens to his honored ancestor.
Nickname(s) Rygel the Great
Gender Male
Species Hynerian
Affiliation Hynerian Empire
Age Deceased
Known Family Ancestor of Rygel XVI and the beginning of the long lasting Rygel dynasty.


Also known as "Rygel the Great", Rygel the First was the first Dominar in what would be a long dynasty. Rygel XVI referred to him as his most "honored ancestor" and noted that he had lived in a simpler time, saying he "had it so very easy". Zhaan believed that part of Rygel's great ancestor's spirit lived on in him, a sentiment that the Hynerian shared.

Zhaan also later used this fact to persuade Rygel to help him find the courage to try to make a peace settlement with the draks. ("Exodus From Genesis")

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