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Class M


Hynerian Empire


Prybella is a farming colony populated by Sebaceans, followers of the teachings of Yemahl. It was the birthplace of Bialar Crais and where he banished Tam Velorek upon seeing his detention cell prayers to Yemahl.

The population were committed pacifists, following a doctrine of keeping the peace, but many of them practiced a covert passive-aggressive form of retribution, such as poisoning the crops of dishonest piratical competitors rather than defending themselves and their interests directly with force.

Upon visiting the planet Aeryn Sun discovered her former lover Velorek was not executed by Crais, Crais' parents were the cause of a potentially catastrophic mutation in D'Argo Sun-Crichton, and that perhaps the teachings of Yemahl had some relevance.


Farscape: Tangled Roots

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