Zhaan experiences a photogasm

A photogasm was a phenomenon experienced by Delvians. The term was coined by Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan and she said that it was one of the gifts of a Delvian Seek. She described an incredible flood of mental and sexual pleasure received by ionic radiation. Because Delvians were floral in nature, they could absorb sunlight in a process similar to photosynthesis; the intense flood of energy was not only intensely pleasurable, but also extremely good for their health. After having a photogasm, a Delvian could remain dreamily happy for several hours, having just been both reenergized and revitalized. ("Till the Blood Runs Clear")

John Crichton joked about Zhaan's photogasm experiences while talking with T'raltixx about the way a pulsar was affecting her. ("Crackers Don't Matter")

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