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Peacekeeper/Scarran War

Peacekeeper Wars: Part 1


Peacekeeper Wars: Part 2


Qujaga; Throughout Peacekeeper and Scarran space


Major losses suffered by both Peacekeeper and Scarran Forces, ending in a neutrality prompted by the use of the Wormhole Weapon and overseen by the Eidelons. Confirmed major casualties include Scarran War Minister Ahkna, as well as the Peacekeeper Grand Chancellor. Jool and several hundred Eidelons killed by Scarran missile. Ka D'Argo also killed by unnamed Scarran warrior in the Battle of Qujaga.

Major battles:



"Peacekeeper Wars" redirects here. You may be looking for the mini-series Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars.

The Peacekeeper/Scarran War was a brief one consisting of two major battles and several minor skirmishes between Peacekeeper and Scarran forces. The war was a result of several years of rising tensions in the cold war between the two groups, in addition to the pursuit of John Crichton, who was believed by both sides to possess the knowledge of wormhole weapons.

The war ended with the destruction of Qujaga (also resulting in heavy losses by both sides), resulting from the creation and activation of a wormhole weapon aboard Moya by John Crichton at the urging of Scorpius and other members of Moya's crew.

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