First appearance D'Argo's Lament, Part 1
Last appearance D'Argo's Lament, Part 4
Gender Male
Affiliation Esseret
Weapon of Choice Pulse pistol


Nibor was an inhabitant of the moon Egrof and a lieutenant of prospective crime lord Esseret. His position with Esseret inspired fear and obedience in the people of the city of Egrof.

After the arrivals of Ka D'Argo and Jool on Egrof, Esseret sent Nibor to meet with D'Argo. Esseret erroneously believed that D'Argo was Luxan general Fin Sterikk, with whom Esseret had previously made a deal to help her defeat her chief rival, another prospective crime lord named Kitrap. Nibor found D'Argo at the Egrof Arms inn, but as D'Argo was ignorant of the deal between Esseret and Sterikk, he stated as much. Nibor continued to believe D'Argo was their Luxan contact and warned D'Argo to wage whatever game he was playing carefully.

Shortly thereafter, Esseret had Jool captured, a task carried out by Nibor. Esseret hoped to blame her rival Kitrap and get D'Argo to her side. Nibor again approached D'Argo shortly after he discovered Jool missing, claiming that Kitrap had kidnapped Jool and offering to help D'Argo get her back. He convinced D'Argo to meet with Esseret and took him to Esseret's compound. There Nibor sat in on the meeting between Esseret and D'Argo where it was ostensibly agreed that D'Argo would help Esseret and her people raid Kitrap's base. D'Argo planted a comms device in Esseret's room after the meeting concluded, as a result learning of Esseret's treachery and Nibor's part in kidnapping Jool. Knowing the truth, D'Argo did not participate in Esseret's planned raid, instead using the distraction of the fighting gangs to rescue Jool from Esseret.

Later, when D'Argo offered his service to whichever side could offer him more, Esseret sent Nibor again to meet with him at Egrof Arms. As part of Jool's plan, D'Argo refused to speak to the underlings of either Esseret or Kitrap and sent Nibor back to his employer.

When General Sterikk himself later arrived, Nibor was the first to encounter him and his assistant Derf. Nibor took the two Luxans to Esseret. He was later with Esseret when Sterikk faced D'Argo in battle.




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