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Production information

Leviathan Transport



Technical specifications

Peacekeeper Defense Screen (Jury Rigged Salvage)






Several transport pods, one Prowler, Farscape-1, Lo'La


One Pilot, DRDs


Prisoner transport

Earliest sighting

1.01 "Premiere"

Latest sighting

"Peacekeeper Wars: Part 2"


Independent, formerly Peacekeeper

Known commander(s)

Moya is a Leviathan transport vessel-- a living sentient bio-mechanical space ship, who was once captured by the Peacekeepers, The people who the Peacekeepers imprisoned on her escaped by accidentally causing the Peacekeeper Control collar to release, allowing Moya to escape herself. She was 23 cycles old when John Crichton came aboard, making her 27-28 cycles old at the end of the Peacekeeper/Scarran War.

Being bio-mechanoid Moya contained both biological and technological components.

Moya, like all Leviathans, has no weapons and is capable of only one defensive maneuver, Starburst. The ability to starburst is a faster than light drive system that is unmatched in its ability to evade pursuers. A starbursting Leviathan cannot be caught unless its drive system is disrupted just as it begins ignition. Once a Leviathan has entered starburst, it can travel enormous distances in far less time than most other vessels. Aiding this ability to evade is the imprecise nature of travelling by starburst. Often even the ship and its pilot have no idea where they are after a starburst.

This randomness is likely biological, due to its not having been duplicated on any other sort of ship, despite the Peacekeepers interest in the starburst ability. Starburst begins with an energy build up in an internal chamber which surges through the pilot's den, around the pilot. The energy is then released out the rear of the ship to surge over the ship's hull. Upon reaching the nose of the ship it opens a tear into another dimension and the ship enters it. The ship is shifted through that dimension until it is pushed out at random achieving travel speeds unmatched by all but wormhole travel. Only the Scarrans have ships that can come close to the performance of a Leviathan.

As with many others of her race, Moya was captured by a Peacekeeper squad at a young age. Her original pilot was slain and another, more cooperative Pilot was was bonded with a her. This artificially rushed process caused the both Pilot (Moya) and Moya a great deal of pain. Their mismatched nerve endings caused no end of mischief and never quite healed. The problem was only corrected after Pilot was temporarily removed to fly Chriton's module back through a wormhole just as it opened, thereby making it impossible to ever open again. After Pilot was put back in his place in the Pilot's den, the nerve endings were not glued or soldered, but allowed to grow together naturally.

Moya and Pilot, with the help of Crichton, Zhaan, Rygel and Ka D'Argo, manage to escape. Moya has become a friend and home to her crew and they have been through many bizarre, disheartening, and exhilarating events together. Indeed, on one occasion, when Crichton was asked why the crew were fighting so hard to save Moya, Crichton compared Moya to a mother, as she "gave birth" to all of them by bringing them together and giving them a home.

She has given birth to one offspring, a male by the name of Talyn, named by Aeryn Sun after her father. Due to a genetic alterion project, which occurred a few cycles before her escape, she is capable of producing Leviathan-Gunship hybrids, of which Talyn is one.

Background informationEdit

Rockne S. O'Bannon recalls the trouble they had when initially designing Moya. He stated, "The notion of a being that was large enough to carry other beings inside as parasites seemed like a cool idea. The tough part was to come up for a design for Moya, particularly the interior, because, as I kept saying to Ricky Eyres, I wanted it to look 'suggestive' of organic, but I didn't want it to give the sense that when people walked down the passageway you'd hear a squishing sound. I didn't want it to be off-putting in that way. If people tuned into the show and didn't know that Moya was a living being, they'd think that our characters were inside a ship with very unusual lines. then when you tell the audience it's a living organism, they can see it." ("Farscape Chronicles" - Starburst Edition DVD v1.1)