The Monarch speaks through Zhaan
First appearance (1.03 "Exodus From Genesis")
Last appearance (1.03 "Exodus From Genesis")
Gender Female?
Species Drak
Known Family Spawns all Draks
Weapon of Choice Blue excretions; Replicants; Moya's heating systems
Portrayed by Virginia Hey

The Drak Monarch is the entity that spawns all Draks. It is a sentient being that through physical contact of its spawn can temporarily control the mind of other beings for communication purposes.

When Moya encountered a Drak swarm and inadvertently took aboard a large number of the creatures, the Draks began to raise the temperature in order to allow them to breed. When the crew of Moya resisted their efforts, the Drak monarch took over Zhaan, allowing it to communicate with Moya's crew. Fortunately, John Crichton was able to explain the misunderstanding and buy time with a truce. Rygel would go on to negotiate with the Drak monarch face to "face", allowing both side to come to an understanding. It was thanks to this cooperation that Moya's crew was able to repel a boarding of a squad of Peacekeeper commandos and complete the Drak genesis. The monarch was pleased by their meeting and most impressed by Rygel, calling him "Great Ruler" before her departure.


  • These are my aggregate. You attacked me during my genesis and you must die.
  • (About Rygel): I have communed with your sovereign. He is most agreeable.



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