The magic of mayla spores...

A substance often used by Utu-Noranti Pralatong, mayla spores are the main ingredient in the powder Noranti often uses in order to place hallucinations into the minds of others. Mayla spores have been the cause of the subliminal messages Noranti planted into John Crichton's brain; the memories of Arnessk and the Darnaz Triangle; the absurd hallucination Noranti used to distract the guards on the lava planet of the Tarkans; and finally, the delusions she placed on the Charrids on the commerce settlement of Tormented Space.

Mayla spores apparently require a substantial quantity of spit to prepare properly, and presumably do not last long once they have been properly mixed, as Noranti seems to make fresh batches frequently. ("Bringing Home the Beacon")

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