Maton Dersch
Maton Dersch is the reason Shakespeare said "Kill all the lawyers."
First appearance (2.8 "Dream a Little Dream")
Last appearance (2.8 "Dream a Little Dream")
Species Litigaran
Weapon of Choice The Law
Portrayed by Marin Mimica


Maton Dersch was a Litigaran public counselor and the lawyer assigned to Zhaan's initial case of "failing to heed a pedestrian traffic light." Though he seemed somewhat uninterested in his client, he seemed fairly confident that he could get her off on the minimum sentence of 10 solar days in jail. His mood soured toward his client, however, when an over-stressed Zhaan attacked him. He continued to represent her, however, even as Zhaan attempted to "escape" (with the help of the planet's top law firm) and was framed in the murder of a civil rights leader.

Now with greater charges against her, Dersch was unwilling to represent Zhaan in any plea other than guilty. When Zhaan pleaded not guilty, Dersch refused to represent her as he would share in any sentence she was given, and Chiana and Rygel were forced to take his place.


  • The name's Dersch. Maton Dersch. And you are? No, no need to tell me. Zotoh Zhaan. The offworlder.
  • Let me run this down for you. This the first time on our planet? Doesn't matter. (*comm beeps*) Dersch. Yeah. Hold on, hold on. (*turns back*) 'Failing to heed' – it's garbage. Plus that you're an offworlder and didn't know the laws. Good judge and a good hearing, I'd say a minimum sentence. Ten solar days and you're on your way home!
  • (To Zhaan): Well, the good news is you're no longer facing trial on the traffic violation. Do you have any idea who it was you murdered last night?



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