Skin colorSalmon
First Appearance"Promises"

Lukythians were a bipedal species with extremely wide-set eyes and an implanted mechanical section in the middle of their face and skull. They treated other species poorly.

The species' top ruler was known as the Prime Lukythian. According to the late Chief Protector of the Prime Lukythian, Aeryn Sun and two other (alleged) Sebaceans invaded the Lukythian homeworld, shot their way into the governing chambers and assassinated the Prime Lukythian. The Lukythians managed to induce a bioengineered, genetically encrypted strain of Sebacean heat delirium in the attackers (including Aeryn Sun) before they escaped.

The Lukythians were also masters of holographic technology. They used this expertise to make their warships appear ten times larger than they actually were and to project holograms of themselves so that they did not have to risk injury in face-to-face confrontations.

A legendary massacre in the Trola system by the Lukythians was described in the Illustrated Companion, but not shown in the episode. It may be in a deleted scene.
Note: Lukythians were called "Hokothians" by and the Region 1 DVD closed captioning, but named

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