First appearance "If You Can Be an Idiot, I Can Be an Idiot"
Last appearance "I Spit on Your Grave"
Gender Male
Species Ytrehoddish
Affiliation Esseret
Known Family Ioseul (mother); Lei (father)


Liww was a young Ytrehoddish who lived on the moon Egrof with his mother and father. While he worked in his parents' inn, the Egrof Arms, he had ambitions to join one of the two factions jockeying for control of Egrof following the death of the crime lord Xocgerg. He sought work with Kitrap first, but was rebuffed by Kitrap's door guards, who laughed at his attempt to join Xocgerg's former lieutenant. With the arrivals of Ka D'Argo and Jool, though, Liww saw an opportunity. He contacted Kitrap's rival Esseret and helped them kidnap Jool in hopes of putting the blame on Kitrap and putting the Luxan firmly on Esseret's side. D'Argo discovered the plan when he eavesdropped on Esseret's conversation with one of her lieutenants and realized Liww's part in it. After rescuing Jool from Esseret, D'Argo returned to Ergof Arms where he confronted Liww and informed Ioseul and Lei of their son's actions. Liww was punished by this parents.




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