Colonel Lennok
Lennok cannot control the Horde. Not that he wants to.
First appearance (3.05 "...Different Destinations")
Last appearance (3.05 "...Different Destinations")
Gender Male
Species Venek
Affiliation Venek Horde
Portrayed by Terry Serio

Colonel Lennok was an officer of the Venek Horde. Around 500 cycles before John Crichton ended up in the Uncharted Territories, Lennok was part of the Horde's assault on the Jocacean Monastery.

Lennok, like much of the Horde, seemed to be a rather aggressive soldier. He did, however, appear to have some measure of self-control. Shortly after the death of General Grines, Lennok sent the nurses a message, berating them for the disgrace to which they had subjected the dead general by dressing him in nurse's clothing – not realizing that he had been dressed this way to help him escape. He also threatened that all in the monastery would soon be dead.

After Crichton and the others fled, Lennok and the Horde entered the monastery, looking for the now gone Peacekeeper forces. In spite of Lennok's efforts, the Horde could not be controlled and proceed to kill the nurses and children.


  • "Jocacean civilians and Peacekeeper Militia - Hear me! You will never know how close to salvation you came. How near lasting peace you brushed. The death of our General in battle we understand and accept. But to disgrace him in your females cloth? You have the nights stars to make peace with your deities. On the dawn, your severed heads will be nailed to the walls you defend."
  • "Too many Veneks' have died here! THE BLOOD LUST IS ON THEM! I need to give the Horde something."



(3.05 "...Different Destinations")

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