Kyr can't let go.
First appearance "Throne For a Loss"
Last appearance "Throne For a Loss"
Gender Male
Species Tavlek
Affiliation Bekhesh's mercenaries
Weapon of Choice Tavlek gauntlet
Portrayed by Jeremiah Tickell

Kyr was a young Tavlek mercenary under the employ of Bekhesh. When Moya first encountered the Tavleks, Kyr was one of those who boarded and attempted to rob the ship. A short brawl ensued and as Kyr got the upper hand on Ka D'Argo, Kyr was blindsided and knocked unconscious by John Crichton, losing his gauntlet weapon in the process. Kyr was left behind on Moya when the rest of the Tavlek mercenaries returned to the planet with Rygel as captive. After a short interrogation, Aeryn Sun had Zhaan imprison Kyr in one of the former prison ship's cells.

In captivity, Kyr was defiant, constantly insulting and berating them with Zhaan receiving the brunt of his verbal abuse. Zhaan proved, however, to be more than capable of handling him, using her superior strength to keep him subdued and showing a calm but firm attitude in dealing with him.

When Kyr began to suffer from withdrawal from not having his gauntlet, Zhaan tried to help him, easing his symptoms. After receiving her aid, Kyr seemed to warm to Zhaan and her treatment, accepting offered food, but continuing to refuse to listen to her advice concerning the stimulating drug provided by the gauntlet. Even so, Zhaan trusted Kyr enough to allow him to wander freely and find his own way back to his cell. This would turn out to be a mistake as Kyr would attempt to break into Zhaan's chemical supplies, hoping to find a shot of the stimulant. Zhaan stopped him, however, angry that he would seek the drug after the help she gave him, and took him back to his cell.

Zhaan would later allow Kyr to talk to Bekhesh. Kyr told him the truth, informing him that Moya had nothing of value and that they had actually tried to help him. With the standoff resolved, the crew of Moya returned to their ship and Kyr rejoined the Tavleks. He was later contacted by Zhaan, who was disappointed to learn that Kyr had put the gauntlet back on. He explained to her, not ungratefully, that it was his choice as Zhaan could only look on in sadness.


  • (To Zhaan): I'm not afraid of you! You're soft and weak!
  • Look I don't need a damn sermon. I didn't ask for your help so keep your speeches to yourself. And about the gauntlet, it's not as if I ever had any choice.
  • Why would I want to be free? Our gauntlet is our food - our blood - our life! It makes us capable of anything!
  • (About putting the gauntlet back on): My choice.



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