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First appearance (3.03 "Self-Inflicted Wounds - Could'a, Would'a, Should'a")
Last appearance (3.04 "Self-Inflicted Wounds - Wait for the Wheel")
Gender Male
Species Pathfinder
Age Deceased
Vehicle of Choice Pathfinder vessel
Portrayed by Nicholas Hope

Kreetargo was a male crew member of the wormhole research vessel that collided with Moya.

He was instructed by Neeyala to sabotage Moya so the alien crew could salvage their ship and wormhole research.

He was exposed to a phaztillon generator for the purposes of becoming invisible in order to move around Moya undetected.

In a confrontation with Ka D'Argo and Chiana, he fired his poison barbs at them, one of which struck Chiana in the leg. Not long after, D'Argo dispatched Kreetargo while Kreetargo was in his altered phase.




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