First appearance (4.19 "We're So Screwed - Fetal Attraction")
Last appearance (4.19 "We're So Screwed - Fetal Attraction")
Gender Male
Species Kalish
Affiliation Scarran Empire
Portrayed by Rel Hunt

Karohm was a Kalish bureaucrat who works at the Scarran border station.


Karohm struck up a relationship with Sikozu when she infiltrated the station posing as a diplomat who worked in Tormented Space. [1]

When Rygel pretended to have Hynerian dermafollica he sent out a request for ships with doctors or healers for aid – due to a suggestion by Sikozu – which was answered by Noranti and Ka D'Argo, allowing for them to board the station. While Sikozu was disabling the station's power he stopped her but was knocked out by Ka D'Argo. [1]


Karohm looked like most young male Kalish: his skin was white with red shades and has distinctive red hair. He wore a generic uniform for a Kalish bureaucrat of the Scarran Empire. [1]


Sikozu: They pose the Scarran's no threat. Their imprisonment is completely unjust.
Karohm: I believe you.
Sikozu: Than will you help me?
Karohm: Of course not! I'm gonna lock you up.



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