Dr. Jayne O'Connor
First appearance (4.17 "A Constellation of Doubt")
Last appearance (4.17 "A Constellation of Doubt")
Gender Female
Species Human
Affiliation Duke University, Earth

Dr. Jayne O'Connor was a criminal psychologist at Duke University on Earth. She was one of many experts interviewed for the television special "Alien Visitation".

While viewing the program, John Crichton observed her comment in which she expressed her belief that Noranti was a dangerous woman and her logic for killing when necessary was unsound.



  • By coincidence, O'Connor bears a striking resemblance to John Crichton's girlfriend, Caroline Wallace, who appears in the prelude episode "Terra Firma" but does not appear on the Alien Visitation program. She also shares the last name and vague appearance of Crichton's almost fiancee, Alex O'Connor.


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