Janixx is lost
First appearance (2.03 "Taking the Stone")
Last appearance (2.03 "Taking the Stone")
Gender Female
Species Sebaceanoid
Affiliation Clansmen
Age At least 22 cycles
Portrayed by Natasha Beaumont


Janixx was a Clanswoman who lived beyond the age of 22 cycles without "Taking the Stone." As a result, she suffered from the sickness that all of her people contracted at that age and had joined the Clansmen's "lost ones". Upon seeing John Crichton, Janixx followed him, intrigued that he was so old yet still alive and well. When Crichton discovered and confronted her, she claimed that Das had discovered why the Clansmen became sick after 22 cycles. She fled before she could reveal any more.


  • This happen to all of us at 22 cycles, if we do not Take The Stone. Gardas and nixars here don't like seeing this. So we go away, hide. Make ourself lost.
  • I'm lost. Must stay lost.



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