Ja Rhumann
Ja Rhumann doesn't exactly follow the law to the letter
First appearance (2.08 "Dream a Little Dream")
Last appearance (2.08 "Dream a Little Dream")
Gender Male
Species Litigaran
Weapon of Choice The law, deceit
Portrayed by Steve Jacobs


Ja Rhumann was the senior partner of the Litigaran law firm Rhumann, Willian, and Mandell, the ruling law firm when Moya visited Litigara. He and his firm were against an expansion of the rights of the Utilities, the non-lawyer minority of Litigara whose higher standing in Litigaran society would have taken power away from his firm. This made Wesley Kenn, a leading advocate for Utilities' rights, one of the firm's staunchest and most dangerous opponents.

With the arrival of Moya, Rhumann found an opportunity to solve his problem without implicating his firm. Rhumann had Kenn killed and arranged it so Moya crewmember Zhaan would be discovered in proximity to the body. When this happened, Zhaan was arrested and accused of Rhumann's murder. Over the next few days, Chiana and Rygel, acting as Zhaan's lawyers, were able to discern the truth. Realizing that Zhaan's crewmates were actually competent enough to cause some doubt in Zhaan's case, Rhumann met with Chiana and threatened to drum up a number of false charges that would put her away in a Litigaran prison for the rest of her life.

Though worried by this, Chiana and Rygel refused to give up on Zhaan and decided to put their considerable skills of deception to use. Chiana called Rhumann to the stand and, with Moya's assistance, was able to use a piece of wood to simulate the Litigaran story of the "Light of Truth", a torch that would glow brighter if the person before it lied. As Rhumann spun his story on the stand, Chiana and Rygel and Moya brighten the torch, making the court believe that Chiana indeed held the Light of Truth in her hand and exposing Rhumann as the liar he was. With this "evidence", the judge set Zhaan free and took Rhumann into custody.


  • It's not a lawyer's way to be long winded, so let's get right to the point.
  • This is all about Utilities' rights, my dear. Utilities don't need any more rights.
  • Trust me. I'm a lawyer.
  • To lie in front of the law is unthinkable.



{2.08 "Dream a Little Dream")

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