Inter-dimensional entity
Interdimensional entity
The Inter-dimensional entity is an enigma.
First appearance (1.17 "Through the Looking Glass")
Last appearance (1.17 "Through the Looking Glass")
Gender Unknown
Portrayed by June Salter (voice)
Interdimensional POV

The entity's point of view

The inter-dimensional entity was an organism vastly different from anything that existed in our realm. After initiating starburst that she was not in shape to perform, Moya became stuck between dimensions, accidentally breaching the entity's dimension. As a result, the entity was charged with closing the breach and destroying any material from other universes that had crossed into theirs. Unfortunately, the differences of the being made it difficult to communicate with Moya's crew, who believed the creature to be a malevolent entity and opened fire on what they perceived to be an attack. Eventually, John Crichton realized that the entity was leaving marks in Moya's bulkheads that corresponded to prime numbers.

Interdimensional doorway

Doorway between dimensions.

Realizing that it had been trying to communicate, Crichton entered a rift and spoke with the entity directly. From it, he learned that Moya needed to move forward, rather than in reverse as she had been, to free herself from her entrapment between dimensions. Moya succeeded and was able to exit from starburst. ("Through the Looking Glass")


  • There can be no overlap. This is the expanse between. Your mental organ is unable to interpret the chasm to your existence.
  • I can guide. You must provide your own thrust - forward.

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