Hybin has a plan.
First appearance (1.6 "Thank God It's Friday... Again)
Last appearance (1.6 "Thank God It's Friday... Again)
Gender Male
Species Sykaran
Known Family Tanga (daughter)
Weapon of Choice Insurgency
Portrayed by Ken Blackburn


Hybin was an elderly Sykaran resistance fighter and the father of Tanga. Before his planet was subjugated by the Peacekeepers, he had been Sykar's finest maldique player.

Following Peacekeeper dominance, Hybin found that he and his daughter were among the few Sykarans naturally immune to the effects of the tannot root. Knowing that those immune or implanted with the Sykaran worm would be executed by the government, Hybin kept their condition a secret, pretending to blissfully enjoy their hard work while looking for a way to restore their freedom.

Opportunity came with the arrival of Moya. After seizing human crew member John Crichton and injecting him with the worm, Hybin and Tanga met with him, explaining that they needed his help. It was around this time that age was catching up to Hybin, and he grew weary of the harsh work, making Tanga all the more desperate for Crichton's help.

Eventually, Crichton, along with fellow crew members Aeryn Sun and Rygel found a way to show the Sykarans the truth about their work: they helped make weapons for the Peacekeepers. Convincing his leader Volmae that they could fight the Peacekeepers "one day at a time", they embraced, beginning a more hopeful future for Sykar.


  • (On harvesting the root): I can't anymore Tanga. Please, just let them discover me. I would rather be dead.
  • If we are to die as a people, let us at least die fighting.
  • (On resisting the Peacekeepers): We will do it. One day at a time.



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