Aeryn Sun (right) gets cozy with Hontovek (left)
First appearance "Throne For a Loss"
Last appearance "Throne For a Loss"
Gender Female
Species Tavlek
Affiliation Rogue
Weapon of Choice Tavlek gauntlet
Portrayed by Zoe Dimakis

Hontovek was a Tavlek mercenary in the employ of Bekhesh's mercenaries. She was on planet with a group of the mercenaries during the time in which Rygel was being held hostage. Aeryn Sun encountered Hontovek and her hunting party after landing on the planet in search of Rygel. Aeryn donned the clothing of captured mercenary Kyr in order to disguise herself as a fellow mercenary and approached the group, pretending to be lost in hopes of finding her way to Bekhesh's camp. When Hontovek told her to find her own way, a drug-fueled Aeryn attacked the group, knocking down the other mercenaries and holding Hontovek in a choke hold while she got the location of the camp. This was cut short, however, when John Crichton, hidden nearby with Aeryn's pulse rifle, accidentally set it to overload. The explosion startled Hontovek and the other mercenaries. Believing that they were under attack, Hontovek and the others fled the scene.


  • Find your own way back. We're busy.


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