Heska Fe'Tor
"Does this guy scream Vegas or what?"
First appearance (3.13 "Scratch 'N' Sniff")
Last appearance (3.13 "Scratch 'N' Sniff")
Species Sebacean
Age Deceased
Romantic Associations Numerous lovers
Weapon of Choice Freslin
Portrayed by Tamblyn Lord

Heska Fe'Tor was a dangerous man who preyed on others to fund his life of luxury on the pleasure planet of LoMo. Fe'Tor supported his sumptuous lifestyle by selling freslin, a powerful aphrodisiac with a base element that was milked from the senal glands of his victims. He also auctioned off his sexually potent victims, like Chiana.

After Fe'Tor lured Chiana and Jool to his mansion, D'Argo came to their rescue only to find they did not want to be rescued. Raxil convinced Crichton that Fe'Tor would use Jool and Chiana to a final end. While Crichton and D'Argo planned their assault, Fe'Tor proved Raxil right by milking Chiana to the point she no longer had her own will and strapping Jool to his milking machine with the intent to milk her senal glands to the deadly extreme.

Fe'Tor misjudged the crew of Moya and met with an untimely end. ("Scratch 'N' Sniff")

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