Halos weapon

Halos-1 fires its primary weapon.

The Halosian weapon was the primary offensive weapon aboard Halosian vessels such as Halos-1. The weapon's damage capabilities are difficult to gauge based on observation. It likely carries only a fraction of the firepower of Peacekeeper capital ships as its encounter with Talyn seems to indicate, in which the Leviathan gunship only suffered minimal damage and could have easily destroyed Halos-1.

The weapon does have one unique quality, discovered by accident when fired upon the Leviathan Moya and her partially operational defense screen. Somehow, the beam of the weapon's interaction with the defense screen at 62% caused the crew members of Moya's minds to switch bodies. How or why this happened is unknown, and has apparently not happened before as the Halosians also had no knowledge of such an incident.


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