Hand of Friendship

The implement itself


Crais receives the "Hand of Friendship"

A gunship neural implant, or "Hand of Friendship", was a feature of leviathan-gunship crossbreed such as Talyn. Because crossbreeds were not designed to be controlled by Pilots, the neural implant acted as an alternative giving whoever it was attached to the same capabilities as a Pilot, but with some more instability. Under certain conditions, a gunship could choose to give multiple implants.

The neural interface worked both ways, but this could also lead to cybernetic bleed-back. Talyn was able to make people see what he wanted to, and even make Crais do his bidding through the use of the implant.

While crossbreeds were not designed to have one, a vestigial, but functional Pilot's den could exist and a person who acted as pilot could trump the power of the neural implant.

Background informationEdit

The implant was a reworking of part of the prosthetic used for Jotheb in "Throne For a Loss". ("Cool Farscape Facts" - Starburst Edition DVD v2.1)

Appearances Edit

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