General Grines
General Grines will miss his date with destiny.
First appearance (3.5 "...Different Destinations")
Last appearance (3.5 "...Different Destinations")
Gender Male
Species Venek
Affiliation Venek Horde
Portrayed by Marshall Napier
"I am trying not to be a barbarian..."
― General Grines

General Grines was a general in the Venek Horde who participated in the attack on the Jocacean Monastery around 500 cycles before John Crichton's arrival in the Uncharted Territories.

Grines was known as a capable leader as well as a man of compassion. During the Battle of Madizak, Grines sued for a truce rather than pushing for a victory he could have had, preventing more bloodshed. This attitude played a large part in ending the battle at the monastery. Realizing that the monastery had only women and children within it, Grines convinced his fellow generals to call a cease-fire, allowing the nurses and children to survive, while giving the Horde access to the mountain beyond the monastery and the water within it.

The arrival of time travelers Crichton, Aeryn Sun, Ka D'Argo, Stark, and Jool, however, changed the timeline. Grines was injured and captured by the Peacekeepers. Crichton, realizing that their captive was their only chance for ending the battle and restoring the timeline, made a deal for a cease-fire with Grines and attempted to sneak him out of the monastery. Before Grines could escape, though, he was killed by one of the nurses, who believed that Crichton was a traitor helping a prisoner escape.


  • (To Crichton): "Your superiors sent you into battle without an understanding of the antecedents? You really are barbarians."
  • "I am trying not to be a barbarian, and I've never harmed a child in my life."
  • "Inside this mountain is the source of the river. If we don't gain access to it, the... Horde will attack the cities... and millions will die."



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