First appearance "The Storm Before the Storm"
Gender Male
Species Kalish
Affiliation Scarran Imperium


Gratz was a Kalish worker and a contact for the bounty hunter Roiin. He worked on a space station in Scarran space. He was one of the many Kalish who continued to work for the Scarrans after they had feed the Kalish from enslavement.

Sometime in the past, Gratz had paid Roiin to carry out a job and in the end, Roiin had had to save Gratz's life.

Roiin met with Gratz when the bounty hunter and Moya crew member Chiana were trying to track down the Leviathan. Gratz dismissively told Roiin that he didn't have time for him as communication had been lost with the Scarran homeworld. Gratz informed Roiin and Chiana that an unidentified fleet had entered Scarran space days before and had apparently conquered the Imperium.




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