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General Grank
First appearance "Rotten to the Kkore Cannon"
Gender Male
Species Luxan
Affiliation Luxan Army
Vehicle of Choice Ha'Mok


General Grank was a well respected officer in the Luxan Army and commander of the warship Ha'Mok. During the Grennij attack on the Pilot homeworld of Doien, Grank arrived with the Ha'Mok and engaged a Grennij warship that was armed with an advanced Kkore cannon. The Ha'Mok provided a vital distraction while four Peacekeeper Prowlers, piloted by members of the crews of Leviathans Moya and Cilla, executed an attack run on the Grennij vessel's vulnerable area and destroyed it. Later, Grank offered a position on his ship to Kleeva Jothee to serve under him and help protect Doien. Jothee accepted.




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