Gahv is not prone to sympathy.
First appearance (2.17 "The Ugly Truth")
Last appearance (2.17 "The Ugly Truth")
Gender Male
Species Plokavian
Vehicle of Choice Weapons Trade Ship
Weapon of Choice Plokavian Dispersal, Novatrin gas
Portrayed by Peter Carroll


The crew of Moya encounter Gahv and his companion Fento after Talyn destroys one of their freighters. The Plokavians capture John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, Stark, Ka D'Argo and Zhaan and hold them on a platform above a large open space with no way to escape. Plokavians are passionate about justice, as well as extremely violent, ugly, bad smelling and dealers of arms and Forbidden Cargos, such as Novatrin gas. Gahv and Fento interrogated each of their captives one by one in order to seek out the individual responsible for the destruction of their other trade ship.

They questioned each member of Moya's crew about what had taken place on Talyn. Each account differed, leading Gahv and Fento to believe everyone was lying. Gahv informed the crew they would all be executed if the perpetrator didn't confess. In the end Stark confessed to firing the weapons on Talyn to save the rest of the crew. Satisfied with his confession, Gahv and Fento used the Plokavian Dispersal on Stark and released the rest of the crew.


  • Tell us who the guilty one is, and we'll spare the others.
  • We want justice!
  • (To Stark): You were our prime suspect from the start.


  • Peter Carroll is widely renowned for more than just acting, and In 1986 he was the dialogue coach on the set of Crocodile Dundee.
  • Peter Carroll has also taken part in the filming of "Happy Feet"


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