Fostro looks on in awe.
First appearance (1.2 "I, E.T.")
Last appearance (1.2 "I, E.T.")
Gender Male
Species Denean
Age Nine
Known Family Lyneea (mother)
Portrayed by Cayde Tasker


Fostro was a young male Denean child who lived with his mother in their rural home. Fostro was the first Denean to encounter the human John Crichton when he found Crichton in his house's barn. As a result, he has the distinction of being the first Denean to have a dialogue with an extraterrestrial entity.

Because Fostro's mother Lyneea worked as a scientist who searched for alien life, Fostro had dreamed of getting to meet one. In spite of this, Crichton's arrival frightened him. When John tried to follow the young boy back into his house to explain his intentions, Fostro stunned him with a paralysis-inducing weapon. Even after Lyneea was there, Fostro insisted that they tell the military, who were scouring the nearby area for Crichton's companions.

He eventually warmed up to them, however, and after Lyneea convinced the military that the alien craft was in an area in the opposite direction, he was able to meet and shake the hand of another alien: Ka D'Argo. Lyneea mused that Fostro was one lucky nine-year-old and that someday he would have one very singular story to tell.




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