The flax snares a transport pod.

This article is about the Zenetan technology. For the episode of the same name see "The Flax".

The Flax is an energy web, a giant invisible "magna drift-net mesh" stretching across millions of zacrons of empty space. It is used exclusively by the Zenetan Pirates, who ensnare vessels within it before plundering them. The Flax absorbs light, making it nearly invisible to scanners.

Pulling free of the Flax is nearly impossible, though it can be weakened with certain chemicals, and the Zenetan pirates can deactivate it if they choose.

The Flax is fairly rare; only a few pirates have the energy resources necessary to activate it. The Zenetans guard Flax secrets jealously and take careful steps to keep it from falling into outside hands. Normally, it can only be deployed from a Zenetan ship.


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