Finzzi has ulterior motives.
First appearance (2.8 "Dream a Little Dream")
Last appearance (2.8 "Dream a Little Dream")
Gender Female
Species Litigaran
Weapon of Choice The Law
Portrayed by Simone Kessell


'Finzzi was a Litigaran lawyer who worked for Ja Rhumann. She served as part of his plot to implicate an unsuspecting person in the murder of Utilities' rights advocate Wesley Kenn, an influential opponent of Rhumman's law firm Rhumann, Willian, and Mandell. It was she who found Zotoh Zhaan as a likely target to frame in Kenn's murder.

After Zhaan was taken into custody, Finzzi was able to bring even more charges against her when she seemed to help Zhaan escape. In reality, she only meant Zhaan to be recaptured after coming across Kenn's body as she attempted to escape, implicating her in his murder.

She attended the trial at Rhumann's side and later threatened Chiana with false charges if the Nebari didn't lose the case. She was unable to do this, however, as Chiana and Rygel were able to exonerate Zhaan and implicate Rhumann at the next session. Whether any charges were ever brought up on Finzzi is unknown.


  • (To Zhaan): Rough night, hmm? You want to escape? This is your chance.
  • (To Chiana): You will not win this case. You will lose. And your client will be executed.



(2.8 "Dream a Little Dream")

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