Final Battle of the Zelbinion

Nebari Sector in the Uncharted Territories


Nebari Victory


Peacekeeper Command carrier Zelbinion

Nebari host ship


The final battle of the Zelbinion took place over 100 cycles before Selto Durka's resurfacing on the Leviathan Moya. Exploring the Uncharted Territories, the legendary Peacekeeper Command carrier under the command of Captain Durka encountered and engaged a standard Nebari host ship. Though the Nebari ship proved to be technologically superior, Durka refused to surrender. As a result, the Zelbinion was crippled and its crew, aside from Durka who fled in an escape pod, were all killed.

After the conclusion of the battle, the Nebari recovered Durka and imprisoned him, using the next century to mind cleanse the sadistic Peacekeeper captain.

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