Fento is the picture of Plokavian beauty, we hope.
First appearance (2.17 "The Ugly Truth")
Last appearance (2.17 "The Ugly Truth")
Gender Female
Species Plokavian
Portrayed by Linda Cropper

Fento was a Plokavian judge who captured and tried several members of the crew of Moya for the destruction of a Plokavian freighter that had been destroyed by Talyn. Like her fellow inquisitor Gahv, she was skeptical of the stories the crew mates presented since Plokavian testimonies were always identical.

Because of the inconsistencies, Fento and Gahv informed the Moyans that they would all be put to death. This caused Stark to confess to the crime, in spite of the fact that he was not truly responsible for it. Fento and Gahv claimed that he had been their prime suspect all along and had him executed through dispersion. They then set the rest of the accused free.


  • We should just execute all of you! Then we could be sure that the guilty party was punished!
  • (To Aeryn): Do I offend your senses?



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