Felor is not having a good day, hair or otherwise.
First appearance (3.7 "Thanks for Sharing")
Last appearance (3.7 "Thanks for Sharing")
Gender Female
Species Kanvian
Age Unknown
Known Family Unknown
Vehicle of Choice Presumably, an expensive one
Portrayed by Julianne Newbould


Felor is a highly respected trader on the planet of Kanvia. She was contacted by Rygel when Moya and the wounded Talyn docked at Kanvia to buy chromextin. She was willing to deal with Rygel, although she informed him that she would first require permission from Kanvia's Security Director; however, when Ka D'Argo threw the Security Director into a wall, she quickly withdrew her offer.


  • Still, a transaction of that magnitude will require the permission of the Security Director...and he dislikes offworlders.



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