Episode list Edit

Title Episode Prodno. US Airdate UK Airdate
Peacekeeper Wars: Part 1 PKW1 MPK01 2004-10-17 2005-01-16
Peacekeeper Wars: Part 2 PKW2 MPK02 2004-10-18 2005-01-16

Background informationEdit

Rockne S. O'Bannon said about Nerri, Chiana's brother, "I tried to get him into the four hour miniseries. I thought that was an important part. As David Kemper and I ambitiously began developing the story, our intent wasn't to close our everybody's story but to deal with all those familial and relationship things that we'd opened up. Chiana and her brother was an obvious one, and since the miniseries was about the Peacekeeper Wars and he was an underground militant, it seemed perfect for him to be part of it. In early incarnations, he was part of it. But it just became too much, so he didn't appear." ("Farscape Chronicles" - Starburst Edition DVD v2.1, "Farscape Chronicles" - Starburst Edition DVD v2.3)

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