Magazine 12
Publication: Farscape: The Official Magazine
Issue: 12
Publisher: Titan Books
Cover date: May/June 2003
Pages: 100
Magazine 12 SE

Issue 12 of Farscape: The Official Magazine was the May/June 2003 issue and the final issue of the publication.


Regular features
  • The Uncharted Territories [News]
  • Competition
  • Farscape Poster - multi-character
  • The Wakket Hole [Letters]
  • The Producer's Cut
  • Ask... Gigi!
  • Rockne S. O'Bannon
  • Creature Shop
    • Dave Elsey, the Creature Shop supervisor for the past four years on Farscape, guides us through some of his favourite creature creations.
  • Farscape Art
    • Tim Ferrier, the art department head, guides us through his gorgeous designs.
  • Farscape Readers Poll Results
    • The results are in! Plus, acceptance speeches from the winners, and mini-Data Banks for the winning episodes.
  • Farscape Quiz
  • Goodbye...
The Complete Farscape Episode Guide
Your guide to every episode from seasons one to four, including trivia and exclusive commentary from David Kemper, Rockne S. O'Bannon, Ricky Manning and Andrew Prowse.

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