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Magazine 1
Publication: Farscape: The Official Magazine
Issue: 1
Publisher: Titan Books
Cover date: June/July 2001
Pages: Unknown
Magazine 1 SE

Issue 1 of Farscape: The Official Magazine was the June/July 2001 issue.


  • The Farscape Universe
    • Who's who and what's what in the Farscape Universe: new viewers can catch up with our beginners guide.
  • Finding Farscape
    • Who came up with the idea of Farscape and why did it take so long to reach the screen. The pre-history of our favourite show, which very nearly came to be called 'Space Chase'!
  • Moya's Data Banks: "Premiere"
  • Creature Feature
    • Take a tour of the London Henson Creature Shop, where all the initial creature work for the early episodes of Farscape was carried out. Featuring pictures of many early design concepts.
  • Win! A trip to the Henson Creature Shop!

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