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Farscape Game
“Farscape the Game”
Farscape game cover
Cover art
Developer(s) Red Lemon Studios
Release Date(s) Aug 2002
Genre(s) 3D Action / 3D Adventure, Strategy
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) ESRB: Teen (13+) for Violence
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Media CD
System Requirements Pentium III 450MHz
  • 64MB RAM
  • 3-D Graphics Card with 16MB RAM
  • 450MB HHD
  • DirectX 8.1
  • 4x CD-ROM drive.
Input Keyboard, Mouse

Farscape: The Game is Team-based 3D action/adventure game release by Red Lemon Studios in 2002. Players can control any of 6 of the main characters of the show using up to 3 characters teams at any one time.

Overview Edit

You are John Crichton, an American astronaut. After a space-travel experiment goes wrong, you were catapulted through a wormhole to a distant corner of the universe. You've fallen in with a motley band of escaped prisoners, consisting of Officer Aeryn Sun, Ka D'Argo, Zotoh Zhaan, Dominar Rygel XVI, and Chiana, and now you travel around the cosmos in Moya, a bio-ship that is also a living organism.

Plot Edit

The story begins with Moya in orbit around an uncharted planet, minding her own business. Suddenly the Peacekeepers attack, board her and take control. One unknown crewmember makes it out in a transport pod. You, Crichton, along with the sultry alien, Chiana, escape in a commandeered Peacekeeper fighter craft called a Prowler.

The two of you crash-land in a hostile desert environment with no idea of your location or the fates of your friends. Each of you has one weapon: you're carrying a pulse pistol, and Chiana has a club, made from a piece of the crashed spacecraft.

Your first objective is to find your way through harsh landscape to the nearby settlement that you spotted from the air. stay alert - there is more to this situation then meets the eye. A sinister conspiracy lurks right below the surface.

You must reunite the team, regain control of Moya... and get everyone out of the mess alive!

Gameplay Edit

F1 hi

Missions Edit

Characters Edit

Character Voice
John Crichton Ben Browder
Aeryn Sun Claudia Black
Zotoh Zhaan Virginia Hey
Ka D'Argo Anthony Simcoe
Chiana Gigi Edgley
Bialar Crais/Pilot Lani Tupu
Rygel XVI Jonathan Hardy
Klaygon Rupert Cox
Plint Paul Shedlowich

Weapons Edit

Weapon Description
Infantry Knife Standard PK combat knife
Club Cheap blunt weapon
Luxan Qualta Blade Used in melee combat and as an energy weapon
Pulse pistolStandard PK handgun
Pulse rifle Standard PK Assault rifle
Chain pulser Standard PK squad weapon
Scarran Punisher Semi-automatic
Scarran Incinerator Uses bursts of flaming gas
Knore Handcannon Luxan designed weapon
Teape Launcher Missile-firing weapon
Phyran Longarm Powerful Weapon
Statis Pistol Stuns Enemies

Enemy Lifeforms Edit


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